1891 Founding Mothers

A message from our Chairman on Founders Day

July 17, 2021

JULY 17, 2021: Today, July 17, 2021, is the 130th anniversary of National Catholic Society of Foresters' Founders Day!

Over the years, the organization has been as much about philanthropy as it is about protection. Through grants, scholarships, charitable programs, and volunteerism at the local and national level, we’ve expanded support to communities even as we’ve empowered people to offer that support in a hands-on, tangible manner that truly feeds the soul. And even when support had to be given from a distance—as in 2020 with COVID-19 funds-matching grants—it has always been given freely and with love.

We’re blessed to celebrate the 130 year history that connects us, and the faith that defines us. We’re setting our sights on the next hundred years, finding new ways to protect families and in turn, their communities—one policy at a time.

A message from your Board Chair - Happy Founder's Day! Spread the news of who we are and what we offer, to your own families and extended families!

"On behalf of my own hometown and my own parish, and all the other parishes and the communities and the people that have already been blessed by the programs and prayers of NCSF, thank you! Thank you to the leaders who have fulfilled our mission so generously through all these 130 years."  BOARD CHAIR MARGARET SCHMITT

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