Join Hands Day

Every year throughout the United States, the first Saturday in May marks Join Hands Day, a national day of purpose where young ones participate alongside older generations in organized volunteer efforts. It is very powerful when generations “join hands” for the betterment of their community.

Youth groups such as Girl and Boy Scouts of America, 4-H Club, or American Legion) or grade schools and CCD classes often take part in the day to satisfy an outreach project requirement. Tasks shared throughout the day bring a new level of awareness and mutual appreciation for young and older generations.

How to Observe

Your Impact Team can participate by partnering with junior members or any community groups to plan and complete an outreach project. You may just bridge the generation gap! Use #JoinHandsDay to post on social media.

Applying for Join Hands Day

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Over the years, our organization has been as much about philanthropy as it is about protection. Through grants, scholarships, charitable programs, and volunteerism at the local and national level, we’ve expanded support to communities even as we’ve empowered people to offer that support in a hands-on, tangible manner that truly feeds the soul.