Hearts and Hands

Revamped and introduced in 1996, Hearts and Hands is 1891 Financial Life’s fund-matching program which amplifies fundraising efforts for greater effect. Impact Teams select a worthy recipient—e.g., a community organization (such as a fire department or food pantry), church or religious education program, or an individual or family in need. Members then organize and advertise a family-friendly fundraising event (popular choices include pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, hayrides, bingo or bowling nights, etc.). We gladly match the amount of funds raised, up to $1,500.

Sponsorship in Your Fundraising

The amount of money matched by 1891 Financial Life depends on the sponsorship of the project:

  • Sole Sponsor: We will match funds up to $1,500; we will be listed as the sole sponsor on all publicity. Your Impact Team is responsible for conducting the event and making all decisions.
  • Co-Sponsor: We will match funds up to $750.00. Your Impact Team can work with another group to organize the event or activity.

Applying for Hearts and Hands

Click below for additional information about Hearts and Hands, as well as the program application and the summary form to provide 1891 Financial Life with news and photos after your event has concluded:

1891 Financial Life: Making a Difference

Over the years, our organization has been as much about philanthropy as it is about protection. Through grants, scholarships, charitable programs, and volunteerism at the local and national level, we’ve expanded support to communities even as we’ve empowered people to offer that support in a hands-on, tangible manner that truly feeds the soul.