Join us in a Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace in the Holy Land

October 17, 2023

On October 17, let us come together as a community committed to making a positive impact not only in our own lives but across the world. At 1891 Financial Life, we believe in the power of prayer.

As we reflect on our mission to protect and uplift families, we are reminded of the importance of peace and harmony. The Holy Land has a rich history, but it's also a region that has seen its share of conflicts. Today, let us extend our thoughts and prayers to those living in this sacred land, hoping for a brighter and more peaceful future.

Join us in this meaningful observance by setting aside some time for prayer and fasting. It's a simple yet powerful way to send positive energy and intentions to a part of the world that has longed for peace.

How you can participate:

  1. Take a moment to pray for peace, love, and understanding in the Holy Land.
  2. Fast for a portion of the day as a symbol of solidarity with those who are affected by conflicts.
  3. Share this post to spread the message of peace and invite others to join this important initiative.

Let's use our collective strength and intention to make a difference. Together, we can create ripples of positive change that will resonate far beyond our community.

Read more details about this day of prayer at the CNA:

Submit a prayer intention or sign up to join 1891 members every Thursday at 8 AM CDT:

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