The Good Parts – CEO Message

April 10, 2023

As daffodils begin to bloom and the grass gets greener each day, we are reminded of what spring is all about: growth. It seems only fitting to focus on new initiatives and growth opportunities.

Helping Others Is Our Goal
Warmer spring weather calls us to start venturing outdoors to get active in our community. Once we begin, we realize that helping others can refresh and renew our soul and give a feeling of a better mood and attitude. Make it a goal to be more active in your community at least once or twice this year.

Our Outreach staff exists to help inspire, educate, and empower you with ideas and help you plan future events and fundraisers. Our goal this year is to visit as many local events in our communities as we can. Let us know what is happening in your community and how you plan to participate. We’ll join you if we can.

If you are part of a Court or Impact Team create a Hearts and Hands event, we can assist. If you are an individual member looking to form your own Pop-Up Team, let us know and we’ll lend a helping hand. Working together we can make an even greater impact for those who need help.

Let’s Connect
You can stay up to date on all things 1891 through our website on the ‘Member News’ page as well as our blogs, newsletters, and social media channels. We cover lots of interesting topics.

In the coming months you will be able to access a calendar of events for your Court or Impact Team in all of our communities on the 1891 Financial Life website. Let us know about events in your community.

Becoming An Ambassador
We continue to expand our Ambassador Program. Ambassadors check in with local community leaders to help to expand our reach and impact. They encourage positivity and growth both on the ground and through social media.

We will provide Ambassadors with a stipend and assistance with the events in their community.

The Good Parts
If you are anything like me, you marvel at how time flies. Do you find yourself saying, “It’s been that long?” Acknowledging the good parts of life – like births, careers, and marriages is what we all would like to do. Let us know what is happening in your family or with other members of the Society. We’ll send out an appropriate acknowledgment of the new stage in their lives.

You are important to us and we re-affirm the future of providing a myriad of opportunities for all members.

May you feel your faith renewed and your heart made new with the hope Easter brings.

Lisa Bickus, CEO