New Years' resolutions

New Years’ Resolutions Life Insurance Can Help You Achieve

January 8, 2021

JANUARY 13th, 2021: It’s a new year and a new opportunity to make some resolutions. But after a year of unprecedented disruption, many are making a case for fewer New Years’ resolutions and a more streamlined take on living better in 2021. Essentially, 2021 is going to be a year of getting back to basics. From reasonable weight loss goals to staying in touch with family more, this year’s resolutions are more focused on slowing down and enjoying life.

However, enjoying life needs to be pursued responsibly, including making life insurance a priority. By purchasing this coverage, clients are protecting their future and the future of their families. But beyond providing for those you love after you’re gone, life insurance can connect to your New Year’s resolutions in several ways.

Being a Better Person

From treating people better at work to leaving a better tip at lunch, there are small ways to be a better, nicer person for people in your life. One way to also be a better person is to purchase life insurance in 2021.

Life insurance protects your family by ensuring all of their financial needs, such as college, housing, and everyday living costs, are taken care of. But it also helps protect your family from inheriting any of your debt. Some debt will stay with your family even if you are gone, so purchasing this coverage can make you a more thoughtful person.

Looking beyond your family’s needs, life insurance also opens up the opportunity to give to charity. Putting together a charity as your beneficiary or giving to a school ensures that your generosity and legacy will continue for years to come, allowing people you’ve never met to continue enjoying education, culture, or more.

Get Healthier in the New Year

Not only will resolutions like eating healthier, smoking less, and working out more allow you to look and feel better, they’ll also make your life insurance more affordable. Your monthly premiums are connected to your health and way of life when you apply. During the underwriting process, a life insurance provider classifies you based on how risky you are to insure.

To do this, you’ll likely undergo a medical exam to look for levels of blood pressure and cholesterol. Proper exercise and diet can help get those numbers into a good position for more affordable coverage.

Your weight also affects how much you’ll pay for coverage. Obesity is known to boost such conditions as heart disease and diabetes, so the more weight you carry, the riskier you are to protect. That translates into higher life insurance premiums.

Spend Less Money, Save More Money

Apart from health, New Years’ resolutions usually include financial changes like saving more money, cutting down on dining out, and more. And if there’s one thing that 2020 showed us, saving money was one of them. When you buy life insurance, you’re thinking decades down the road. Buying a 30-year term policy means you’re getting a larger view of your life and finances, which is a great way to think about money.

Life insurance forces clients to think about their money in a more all-inclusive way. The best way to calculate your life insurance need is to think about all the debts, expenses, and financial plans you have in place. You need to know how much life insurance coverage will ensure your debt more closely, finally looking into college savings or tackling some student loan debt. By thinking about life insurance, you’re thinking about all aspects of your financial life.

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