Nothing more important than family

December 20, 2022

Family has been on my mind as we approach Christmas and the New Year. Nothing is more important to me than family — my husband and children, my parents, brothers, nieces, and nephews. But a family can be defined as more than just blood relatives. A family is any group of related things.

At 1891 Financial Life

At 1891 Financial Life, we consider ourselves one big family. We include our staff, members of the Society, and business partners into our family. And like any family, we have our struggles and our triumphs, tears and laughter, our sadness and our joy.

Over this past year, we have congratulated those who had a child graduate with honors. And we are happy for those experiencing the birth of a child or grandchild. We have cried at the loss of a family member. We also worry about the health of all in the family. Together we learn from our mistakes and take pride in our accomplishments.

Every role across the organization is part of a great team, doing good things for our members and the local community. Part of our mission is to help support our members and we have learned that the wisdom and spirit of our members brings valued support to our team in return.

I am humbled and deeply proud of everything our team has accomplished this year, as well as all the improvements that we have put in place. I cannot thank everyone enough for all the hard work, patience, and unwavering commitment to our mission, vision, and future over this past year.

A special thanks to our Board of Directors; your guidance and vision have enabled 1891 Financial Life to respond to opportunities and challenges in our industry, and to determine our future direction.

Our Amazing Membership

I am also continually moved by the good works accomplished by our Courts and Impact Teams. These are volunteers who in their respective communities continue to come together and choose to serve. I have been fortunate to witness the commitment of our entire 1891 Financial Life family to our mission and the difference made in the lives of many.

Beholding acts of hope, strength, optimism, positivity, kindness, and unfaltering perseverance have left me truly in awe and grateful for each member of our Society. Gracious contributions of our Courts and Impact Teams to their communities do not go unnoticed. The value of community demonstrates the emotional connections it brings.

I would also like to thank those of you who volunteered your time on various service projects and who performed small acts of kindness on a daily basis that perhaps no one really saw. Oftentimes these are the most impactful things we can do for one another.

Each member’s contribution ensures that the values of kindness and support continue to be lived every day in all that we do. Outreach activities warm all of our hearts throughout the year but especially during Christmastime as we experience a renewed sense of joy upon the expectation of the arrival of the Christ child.

God’s Love

I hope you will take a moment to reflect on the difference you have made this year as you celebrate this Christmas season. You manifest God’s love in real and concrete ways through your good works. As this year comes to a close, we focus our efforts on a prosperous New Year. A New Year where we join our efforts to increase empathy and charity to our neighbors. A New Year of unmatched love to God and family, and of service to our country and community. Let us make 2023 great through our actions, service, and love toward our fellow man.

Along with my staff and my family, I wish to extend to each of you and your families best wishes for a Blessed Christmas filled with God’s grace, happiness, good cheer, good health, togetherness, peace, and above all love for one another. May the celebrations of Christmas infuse you with new energies, new dreams and new hopes for the future. I also wish you and yours a Prosperous and Happy New Year, and, that you will join me in ringing in the New Year with anticipation of all that the 1891 Financial Life family will accomplish together in 2023.

Merry Christmas!

Lisa Bickus, CEO