Create Engaging Virtual Events!

August 24, 2020

August 24, 2020: Virtual events are growing in popularity, especially as the world continues to deal with the novel coronavirus. Fundraising events are no exception. Are you looking for a fundraising event that can easily be held virtually? Here are a 6 fun ideas:

Walking for a Cause – Organize a virtual run or walk. Allow everyone a timeline to complete their individual run or walk. Ask for a small donation, for example $25.00 per individual or $50.00 per family. Have the participants choose where they would like to run or walk and then send pictures of their participation. Great way to get outside while practicing social distancing.

Virtual Games – Apps like Kahoot and Houseparty let you hold a fun game of trivia from the safety and comfort everyone’s home. Try a virtual bingo came. You can use zoom or other apps to invite your guests.

Virtual Auction – Ask for donations for your virtual auction. Donations can range from baskets with lots of fun items, gift cards to the restaurants in your area or maybe items that just peak the interests of others. Hold the auction through Zoom, Facebook or other platforms.

Knitting for a Need – What about those passionate knitters in your community? Organize a knitting event where everyone knits an item to be donated to a cause.

Virtual Bakesale – Delicious items can be baked by people in your community. Set up a date and time. Have people drop off their baked goods. Hold the Bakesale through Zoom, Facebook, or other platforms.

Create a GoFundMe page – Another way to raise money for a cause is by setting up a GoFundMe page. Go to and get started.

Software Options for Virtual Events

Modern modern technology has made virtual fundraising events easy! Many of these platforms are free or offer significant discounts.