A Distraction-Free Workspace

July 20, 2020

JULY 20, 2020: Remember in school when your time was scheduled for you? Classes were set up in modules with breaks included. You focused on one subject at a time.

There is something to say about organizing your time the same way. In our high-tech world there are many distractions that pull us away from focusing on the task at hand.

Segment your day into periods for different tasks. Allow a sufficient time to concentrate on a particular project to be productive. Try not to work on several tasks at the same time. Switching back and forth may be using up more time than focusing on one thing at a time.

6 Distraction-Free Workspace TIPS

1) Segment your day into periods for different tasks. 

2) Clear off your desk: Only have materials out that are related to the task at hand.

3) Work in a quiet place: Close your door. 

4) Keep open only documents and apps related to the current task: Close all others. 

5) Avoid having your email open: Designate specific times of day that you’ll read and respond to messages. 

6) Silence your phone: Turn off all alerts.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash