10 Tips from Highly Successful Agents

August 5, 2020

AUGUST 5, 2020: As an independent insurance producer, passion is an essential ingredient in a career that relies a lot on personal motivation. At NCSF our passion is about looking out – For you. For others. For your family. For the community.  That is how we go “Beyond Life Insurance.”

Success as an agent depends largely on how much you get out there prospecting for leads and going the extra mile for your clients. Check out these 10 tips from successful agents and think about implementing some into your own schedule:

  1. Surround yourself with successful people. Learn how they are able to overcome obstacles to achieve success.
  2. Be available. Return phone calls as quickly as you can. Be there for your clients.
  3. Focus on the tasks at hand. Do not allow distractions. Be engaged and get more done. Prioritize tasks each day.
  4. Help and care about your community. Show them you care. It makes a difference. Be where they are.
  5. Do not fear failure. It’s just a step on the road to success. Learn, adapt, and try again.
  6. Do not stress about work not accomplished or un-achieved goals. Continue to strive for success.
  7. Persistence. Persistence means not giving up, just try again until your goal is achieved.
  8. Assess. Take at least 30 minutes each week to assess your business and your accomplishments and obstacles and what worked as well as what needs to be adjusted.
  9. Embrace digital communication. Digital tools, such as websites and social media are key to becoming an available agent.
  10. DocuSign! Use NCSF’s e-signature applications! It makes the application process simple and quick.

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