What is a Lost Policy Certificate?

May 2, 2023

A lost policy certificate is something you should consider adding while making your retirement plans. It's never too early to start thinking about retirement, as you can make decisions now that guarantee a stronger financial future. Life insurance is often a vital part of a retirement strategy, but as your needs change over time, your insurance requirements could also change. Unfortunately, it's easy to misplace necessary paperwork. In this case, you may encounter a lost policy situation when attempting to change your insurance coverage or when it's time for family members to claim on the policy.

What Is a Lost Policy Certificate?

Also called a lost policy release, this document releases an insurance company from the contractual liabilities of a particular insurance policy. The insured party signs and submits the certificate to the insurer to signify that loss or destruction of the policy occurred or that the insurer is retaining the policy.

Why Is a Lost Policy Certificate Necessary?

Without the original certificate of insurance to present to the insurer, claiming the policy is challenging. Although this isn't a pressing concern if you are canceling or making changes to the life insurance policy, it is a stressful situation for your loved ones to find themselves in if they are searching for the policy after your passing.

Companies often require the insured to sign a lost policy release if you seek to cancel a policy. This document signals the intentional act of the policyholder to cancel the policy in question.

What Kind of Lost Policy Releases Exist?

Thanks to the digital storage and exchange of information frequently used by insurers, lost policy releases aren't a frequent request of insurers. These documents contain wording allowing the policyholder to cancel or release the policy when needed. Therefore, it gives you an advantage when making a choice.


A lost policy can be a good thing to have. Knowing how to use it and when to enact it can help you in the long run.

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