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Tips for Protecting Your Retirement Savings from Inflation Audience: Individuals

April 6, 2022

April 6, 2022: According to Forbes Magazine, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 8.5% within the past year. This increase represents the most significant hike since 1982, and experts predict that these numbers aren't going down any time soon. Higher prices at the gas station and grocery store aren't the only concern.

For Americans looking to retire in the next few years, these numbers may instill a sense of concern over their retirement strategy. Do you have enough tucked away? If not, what can you do about it? Use the following tips to battle the effects of inflation and secure your savings.

Can Your Retirement Savings Be Affected by Inflation?

You have carefully set aside funds for decades, waiting for the day you can step out of the workforce and officially focus on yourself. But is that all in jeopardy with interest rate hikes and economic inflation sticking around? In the article, "Inflation And Retirement: What You Need To Know," Bob Sullivan and Benjamin Curry emphasize a need for concern and caution. These writers note that there is no need to panic; however, remain aware and proactive. Various accounts may stay steady or increase again soon. Stocks, for instance, often keep pace with inflation. If you're not pulling out immediately, they could rebound.

While some of your accounts may hold, your basic savings account interest rate will likely dip, leaving you with fewer earnings to spread out over time. In addition, the annual cost of retirement rises; thus, your budget tightens. It's not just the grocery bill and car ride that sees the impact. Housing costs, medical bills and local taxes may also climb, making it harder to travel, see doctors and live comfortably.

How To Keep the Value of Your Retirement Savings

You can take control of these unsettling economic times by focusing on choices that protect your savings. Seek accounts that guarantee interest rates over an extended period or keep pace with inflation. Work with a financial planner to discuss your current accounts, determining whether you have enough to make your dreams happen. Allow the specialists to examine how you invested. They may suggest changing, such as entering into annuities or diversifying your portfolio.

The experts can also assess your budget, looking for places to cut costs and help you live comfortably. If you find you're short and need to save more, consider working extra hours or picking up a side job to make a few hundred dollars a month. That extra cash could cushion your retirement budget to offset the inflation rates.

Inflation cuts into your spending, forcing you to spend more for less. Future retirees have options to safeguard their funds and prepare for down the road. Take time now to evaluate your current saving plans and modify your budget. Work with professionals to understand which retirement strategy works best for you.

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