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Just the Two of Us

When “only you” became “just you two,” life’s possibilities became seemingly infinite. Now that you’ve formed an alliance, your combined income is what you’re relying on to fuel your future as a power couple. The reality is, though, that tomorrow is not promised—and should the worst occur, you want to know the spouse you left behind will have the funds to realize everything you dreamed of on the day you two said “I do.”

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Baby on the Brain

While you and your spouse know that someday you’ll start a family, right now you’re enjoying couple-hood and content with playing with those apps that predict what your future baby will look like. To prepare for the financial challenge that arrives when little ones do, a product that grows your savings and protects them at the same time is a great way to meet the challenge of providing for your loved ones.

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Home Sweet Home

It’s not just a house, it’s your home. The one you planned for together; scrimped, saved, sacrificed to buy, the place where you’ll create your family. But to make it work, you need two paychecks—so if something should happen to one of you, everything collapses like a house of cards. That’s why you want a product with a payout that will pay off your mortgage debt, relieving your surviving spouse of that tremendous burden.

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