Make A Difference In The Lives Of Those You Love

It’s likely that you have people you love and passions you live for that you want to continue supporting, even after your death. Ordinary Cash Value Whole Life insurance1 offers a policy with level premiums. Use the policy’s death benefit to leave heirs a generous gift or make meaningful donations to your favorite charities. Your community benefits too, because 1891 Financial Life devotes a portion of your purchase to fund vital social, educational and volunteer programs right in your own back yard.

Product Specs

Check out a brief overview of our Ordinary Cash Value Whole Life products.
  • Available for ages from 0 – 80
  • Policy amounts available from $15,000 to $4 million
  • Guaranteed level premium payments regardless of changes in your health situation or life station
  • Guaranteed death benefit is payable to beneficiaries tax-free2 without going through probate
  • Cash value accumulates over time, offering growth
  • Borrow against the policy’s accumulated cash value if needed, or use the policy as collateral for a loan3
  • Should dividends4 be payable they can be paid to you in cash, used to purchase more coverage, or left in the policy for additional growth with guaranteed interest
  • As an 1891 policyholder, receive member access to a host of soul-inspiring community events, programs, volunteer efforts, and service projects, plus benefits including grants, scholarships, money-saving prescription benefits, subscriptions, and much more
  • Optional policy riders5 are available, including:
    • Living Benefits Rider: allows you to access a portion of your death benefit if you are diagnosed with a qualifying serious illness. Available with no additional premium. CLICK HERE for details.
    • Waiver of Premium pays your premiums for you should you become disabled as defined in the rider’s contractual terms
    • Accidental Death Benefit pays your beneficiary twice the original death benefit amount defined in the policy up to $250,000, should your death be due to accidental bodily injury
    • Guaranteed Issue Option lets you purchase an additional permanent insurance policy, not to exceed a total of $50,000 from all option purchases
    • Level Term Insurance for a 10-year or 20-year period, with Term certificates not to exceed five times the face amount of the Whole Life policy
    • Charitable Giving Benefit Rider allows a specified percentage of the death benefit to be paid to an eligible 501(c)(3) charity and 1891 Financial Life will match the amount paid to the charity, up to $2,500


What is Whole Life Insurance?

Ordinary Cash Value Whole Life insurance is a product that offers the policyholder lifetime protection in exchange for making level premium payments up to age 100, at which point the policy is paid for life. provided required premiums are paid, or to the maturity date.

Can I use my dividends to pay my premium?

Sure—as long as you have what is called a “participating policy,” as the policyowner you can opt to apply the earned dividends toward the premium payment. Just call our Home Office at 1-800-344-6273 for details.

In the future, can I add to my insurance without having to provide additional medical information?

With the purchase of the optional Guaranteed Issue Option Rider, in future years you’ll have the option to purchase additional insurance without providing any additional medical information.

Does my policy have any loan privileges?

Ordinary Cash Value Whole Life insurance offers an accumulated cash value feature, so as the policyowner, you can borrow against the policy’s cash value if you need to. Just call our Home Office at 1-800-344-6273 for details, or complete and return this

What’s the difference between the cash value vs. the death benefit in my policy?

Cash value is the value that builds up in the policy over time, and it is also the amount that you as the policyholder are entitled to receive should you decide to surrender your policy. The actual amount that you receive will depend on whether you have any unpaid premiums or outstanding loans against the policy, in which case those amounts will first be deducted from the cash value before you’re paid the remaining amount. In contrast, the death benefit is the amount that is paid to your beneficiaries upon your death.

Why would I purchase a Whole Life policy if I don’t have any children or other dependents?

Remember, life insurance can be used to offer protection and security in a variety of scenarios. If you don’t have any children, other dependents, or other family heirs, you can make a real difference by leaving a legacy gift for your favorite charitable organization or worthy cause after your death. As the policyholder, you also can enjoy a living benefit of your Whole Life 10-Pay or 20-Pay policy if you wish, by accessing the cash value that accumulates over time in your policy.

How do I make a death benefit claim?

When this happens, please call our Home Office at 1-800-344-6273 and ask for the Claims Department. Or if you prefer, you can complete and mail this form to the address provided.


Subject to change. Product/features may not be available in all states.
113WL Plan Series.
2Death benefit is typically tax-free, consult your tax advisor.
3Loans against the policy will reduce the death benefit.
4Dividends are not guaranteed. If available, payable on the policy anniversary. Payment not prorated.
5Rules and restrictions apply to each rider; availability may vary. Not all riders are available in all states.