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The College Grad

With college behind you and having scored your first “real” job, you’re on a beyond-tight budget. It’s exciting to be out on your own and supporting yourself. But you believe that truly “handling your business” includes finding an affordable solution to ensure that, if anything happens to you, your parents or whoever co-signed for all of your debt (think student loans, credit cards, auto loan, etc.), won’t suffer financially.

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On Your Way

You’re making your mark and already seizing your American Dream with a real estate purchase. While you’re focusing on the career climb right now, the future promise of family, the desire to protect your investment, and leave something behind for your loved ones are goals you want to address with a product that’s flexible enough to do it all.

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The Go-Getter

You’ve always known what you want—to retire by 55. To get there, you’re foregoing “wants” like expensive vacations and a fancy new car in favor of delayed-gratification strategies such as paying off your student loans early; contributing to your 401(k) plan for the maximum employer match; and protecting your income with all the options you can find for savings, growth, and tax advantages.

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