1891 Financial Life: Looking Out

  • Why is NCSF going through a rebranding?

Over the last 130 years, we’ve had only one name change — from “Women’s Catholic Order of Foresters” to “National Catholic Society of Foresters.” Moving into the next decade and beyond, we realized we needed a new name that ensured the outside world understands who we are and what we do. Our new brand reflects our fundamental purpose as an organization. We will continue our commitment to our membership to help you protect your family while enabling you to help your community. We continue to Look Out for our membership and partnerships. Our motto will not change: Love Benevolence and Charity.

  • Does the rebranding affect my certificate or coverage?

The rebranding does not affect any coverage or certificate(s) that you have in place. As states approve our new name you will receive an “endorsement” with the name change to add to your certificate. Please keep your certificate in a safe place.

  • Will communication from NCSF now show 1891 Financial Life?

Yes, all materials, letters and website will use the new name as each state approves the new name for use. We will continue to transform the way we do business to ensure the experiences you have with us are better than ever before. This will include a redesigned website, new digital tools and streamlined processes that will make doing business with us easier for you.

  • Who do I make checks out to when paying my premium?

For now, you may continue to make payments to “National Catholic Society of Foresters” until we notify you to change to “1891 Financial Life”. Our billing will change in December as we will encourage members to pay their premiums through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or credit card.

  • Is the Society still a Catholic entity?

Yes, we are and will continue to be the same Society spiritually. Current members won’t see any change in service and our core offerings remain the same – life insurance and annuities. We will continue to offer products, services, and experiences for people that want to achieve peace of mind while enabling lives full of meaning and gratitude.

  • How does this affect my Court or Impact Team?

The rebranding does not affect your Court or Impact Team. All court benefits remain the same. You may continue to do events under the NCSF name. However, we encourage Courts and Impact Teams to embrace the new brand.

Communications from us to Courts and Impact Teams will now be using the new brand. 

  • Can my Court or Impact Team still use NCSF in our communications and events?

Courts are grandfathered in with use of NCSF and the Court name and number. You may continue to use the current NCSF branding or switch over to the new “1891 Financial Life” branding. However, we encourage Courts and Impact Teams to embrace the new brand.

  • Can our Court continue to use promotional items (like pens, napkins and pins), envelopes, letterhead, applications, with the NCSF name or do I need to throw them out?

You may continue to use any promotional material with the NCSF you may have in stock. All new items will have the 1891 Financial Life name.

Independent Producers will be sent communication regarding when to stop utilizing NCSF in states. 1891 Financial Life material will be provided and will reside on the website.