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Love and Marriage

A ring, a promise, a kiss, and so it begins—the journey of a lifetime, shared. Then the first (and second) little bundles of joy arrive, and your priorities change. You’re motivated to do whatever it takes to make sure your spouse will be okay, your home is preserved, and your little ones will have everything they need to grow and thrive to adulthood. Especially if you’re not there to see it.

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Save for a Rainy Day

You’re living that work hard, play hard life—and with a constant churn of deadlines, events, and meetings, the last thing you need is another entry on your to-do list. Still, that nagging feeling persists—the one about making sure that you’ve got the right protection for a rainy day. Friday’s pop-up reminder: look into getting a good life policy would be so much easier if there were a “one and done” program.

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Your Finances

The job, the spouse, the kids, the mortgage, the college funds, the bills! Years of juggling a never-ending parade of priorities jockeying for “pay me first” status means you’ve short-changed yourself and haven’t got nearly enough socked away for retirement. With more time on your side than money, you’re wondering if there’s a truly feasible way to jump-start a retirement savings plan.

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Maintain Lifestyle

You’ve worked hard all your life and have enjoyed the fruits of your honest labor—the house, the cars, season tickets, travel, even the occasional splurge or two. As retirement age beckons, you’d gladly heed the call—but without a steady paycheck coming in, you’re worried about whether you can maintain the same happy, healthy lifestyle to which you’ve become accustomed.

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Paying It Forward

Looking back, you never imagined your humble beginnings would take you to where you are today, in a financial place that not many achieve. You’ve given it some thought—and realize that the wealth you’ve accumulated is far more than you’ll ever need to take care of yourself…more than enough to take care of family and friends…so including a meaningful charitable donation in your estate plan lets you take care of the world, too.

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